The 10 Most Annoying Friends You Have On Facebook

The 10 Most Annoying Friends You Have On Facebook

The Basic B*tch

You know her. There’s actually a good chance you are her. She loves Pumpkin Spice Lattes (or anything that comes in a Starbucks cup), the newest iPhone, any holiday, and there’s a good chance she “can’t even deal” with life. (In The Basic B*tch’s defense, every girl has a bit a basic in her, the one I’m talking about is the one who lives and breathes basic.)

The Attention Whore

The Attention Whore knocks The Basic B*tch out of the water. Every flower must be documented; every text from her boyfriend must be shared through every social channel (just so everyone knows how much he loves her). The Attention Whore doesn’t get enough attention in their life so they MUST publicize it every second they do.

The Train Wreck

The Train Wreck is the one who thinks it’s best to ask the audience “anyone know who’s hiring?” instead of simply going on Craigslist, Monster, etc. Shit, I’m sure even Google can tell you who’s hiring. The Train Wreck feels they need to share every detail of their life as if life is out to get them. They are constantly losing their phone, car keys, children…and when times get really tough, they are known to deactivate their Facebook for a few days at a time.

Annoying Friends on Facebook

The Copy Cat

The Copy Cat will make you wish you never posted your holiday pictures on Facebook. Not only will they steal YOUR super cute, never-done-before idea (that you spent HOURS searching through Pinterest for) but they will also replicate your entire outfit, pose and cover photo. The queen of Copy Cats will even ask you which one you like best, so she can make it her holiday card too!

The ‘not-so-secret’ Secret Teller

This is the friend that updates their status first thing in the morning telling everyone they have a date tonight. They will check in at the restaurant with a caption along the lines of: “so nervous, what if he doesn’t like me”. They will keep you updated after the date letting you know if they liked the person, the food, the weather. They are also known to make statuses like this often: “Ugh…if you only knew” … “Just got the BEST news ever” … “so over this…you know who you are :(“. The ‘not-so-secret’ Secret Tellers are the ones you have the hardest time deleting because, like The Train Wreck, they keep you entertained throughout the week.


The Club Promoter

Dear Club Promoters, please stop tagging me in your required promo status along with all other 18,000 “friends” you have. No. I will not go to the Grand Opening of XYZ Club and invite all my friends to get free entry from your guest list. No, I do not want a free bottle for my birthday at your 18+ club. No. Just no.

The Wanna-be Selfie Queen

I am without a doubt pro-selfie. I’m all for it. I post one myself at least once a week. The Wanna-be Selfie Queen is one who posts the same seflie in color, black & white and sephia…all in the same day. She posts it with a duck face and with a smile. You’re ruining the selfie game for the rest of us girlfriend. Get it together. Oh, P.S. – This goes for men too.

annoying3The Hot & Cold Couple

In a relationship one week, broken up the next. They are the first ones to give out free relationship advice because, I mean, they have it ALL figured out. They think all girls are whores, men are pigs, and everyone is doomed from finding the “right one”…until things start heating up in their relationship again that is.

The Screen Shotter

These are the ones who screenshot their own snapchats (captions included) and share them for everyone to see. Similar to The Attention Whore, the Screen Shotter will share bits and pieces of their texts from their besties/boyfriends/parents that no one else finds funny except them. They also haven’t figured out the crop function for photos so you always know what time they took it, and how much battery they have left.

annoying4The Gamer

I had to save the best for last. You gamers are the most annoying people on Facebook. I mean I guess I should be giving you props for being so courageous to ask for lives on ‘Candy Crush Animal Farm Land’, but really I’m just embarrassed for you. This is what you do all day? And don’t you try to deny it, because we all know you only ‘invite’ people to play when your out of lives and have no other option but to spam Facebook or pay .99 for 3 more lives. Don’t be cheap. Just pay the .99 – I promise no one will ever find out.

Life is too short to be Facebook friends with annoying people

My Thoughts on The Kim K Complex

Let me start of by saying that the fact that we can even consider “the kim k complex” a thing is baffling to me. But that’s my first point in showing you why this chick isn’t an idiot.

I guess I should let you know why I’m even discussing this on the blog today, huh? Well, I just happened to click on this article published by the ever-so-lovely opinion based website, Elite Daily, “The Kim K Complex: Why Society Needs to Stop Glorifying Idiots”. After rolling my eyes because I knew someone probably just reposted an old article to get their SEO up after Mrs. West’s nude photo scandal (we’re going to disregard that idiotic move of hers for the sake of this post, stay tuned for my thoughts on that later), I couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw this at the top of Elite Daily’s website:

kimkI mean…really? How are you going to try to change society’s views when you have a whole entire menu tab directed JUST FOR HER? (also proving my point on SEO purposes)

Okay, back to my thoughts.

Elite Daily states, “They have no skills or real talent outside of putting on a pretty good reality show and for that they get private jets, million dollar weddings and a plethora of Mercedes. They have everything we pretend not to want and they didn’t have to do anything to get there.”

Well, I will agree that they put on a pretty good reality show (I believe they are now in the 10th season, so that says something) and I will agree that for that they get a plethora of luxurious items. However, I will not agree that they didn’t have to do anything to get there.

We all know Kim got famous off her sex tape with Ray-J…and if you ‘glorify’ her as much as charged, then you know Ray-J is still holding on to any ounce of that fame he can (i.e- his single, ‘I hit it first’). But Kim? 2 husbands [1 not so glorious, but it happens], a baby girl, numerous perfumes, a clothing line with her sisters and not to mention their clothing store, DASH. Actually, wait let’s mention DASH, because when they showcased DASH on the very first season of their show, they already had TWO  boutiques open and the show brought about two MORE boutiques across the country. So if using your “pretty good” reality show to gain exposure to an already established business, I believe that’s called good business. And the fact that it worked, I believe that’s what we call successful.

I guess you could also say that she gained some fame from her former BFF/boss Paris Hilton… Sorry Paris, you’re the idiot and no one glorifies your ass. But Kimmie, she took all those VIP contacts and paparazzi photo opps and RAN with it. But, if you weren’t a smart person (aka an idiot), well then you probably wouldn’t of thought to do something like that. #sorryimnotsorry

The boring article continues to compare Kim to others like Snookie, Pauly D and Tila Tequila…joke.

You almost got me, Elite Daily, but I’m not an idiot ;)



Tips for Your First Hot Yoga Class

So you’ve heard the buzz, hot yoga is in and now you want to try it for yourself.


I can attest to the amazing benefits that hot yoga can provide. I actually cancelled my gym membership after 3 months to dedicate my workouts solely to hot yoga, it changed my life that much!

But before you try to get down with the downward dog, let me give you a few tips for your first hot yoga class.



Do Your Research.

Before you jump into a hot yoga class, you need to know what type of class you are getting yourself into. Bikram, Vinyasa, Yin, Power Yoga, regular ol’ yoga, the list goes on and on. Find out what mood or style you’re going after when you are picking your first class. Do you want to challenge yourself or do you want to relax and meditate? It’s very important to understand that every teacher has a different teaching style also, so don’t run for the hills if you didn’t LOVEEE your first class. It happens, and it may happen later down the line, too.


Hot yoga is exactly that…hot! Make sure you up your water intake the night before or the day of your class, just don’t over do it! You don’t want to arrive to your first class dehydrated  and weak, but you also don’t want to be so overly hydrated you need to take numerous potty breaks in the middle of class. Also, remember to replenish your body after class too!

Find a Comfortable Outfit

Don’t throw on some old baggy gym clothes (like I did, the first few times). Whether you want to or not, you’re going to looking at yourself a lot, and it is super hard to do that when your t-shirt and gym shorts are hanging in the way. Tight fitting clothes work best. Think leggings (capris or ankle length), spandex shorts, tank tops, crop tops or sports bra.

Grab a towel.

Actually, grab two. One is for the sweat that will be dripping all over your face, in your eyes, up your nose, etc. The other is for the top of your yoga mat. For the first few months of my practice, I used a beach towel until I caved in and bought a ‘yoga towel’. You can find these types of towels at Target or Sports Authority or your yoga studio may sell them. But if you’re not ready to dive in and purchase one just yet, a beach towel will work just fine.

Arrive Early.

PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. If there’s anything you take away from these tips, let it be this one. COME EARLY. At least, ten minutes. You’ll have to fill out a waiver, get signed into the system, and find a spot you feel comfortable in. If you are late to your first class, it can distract the other yogis as well as the yoga teacher who may be well into the class. You also won’t have a chance to speak with the instructor to let them know that you’re new.

Know Your Yoga Etiquette.

Most studios will actually post a flyer stating what they expect of you when you enter the room. These can be things like come in quietly, speak in a soft voice, turn your cellphone off, or leave your shoes outside the door. Regular students may come early to meditate or simply have some ‘quiet time’ before class, so it’s important not to disrupt any one else. After a few classes, you’ll understand and want the same respect for yourself.


Find Your Spot.

Find a place where you feel comfortable and one that isn’t blocking or intruding anyone around you. It’s okay to settle in near the back where no one can see you besides the instructor. However, it may help to find a spot where you can fully see yourself in the mirror. Again, arrive early so you’re not stuck with the spot right in the middle or [gasp] up front!

Keep a Positive Mindset.

The class has started and you’re completely lost. Downward who? Chatta-what? There’s a good chance you won’t know every pose or even be able to do it. Don’t over do it. Don’t look around. Don’t get frustrated. Easier said than done, I know. But trust me when I say this: you’re not the only one. Even advanced yogis have poses that they have trouble with. Keep a positive mindset that this is your practice and no matter how good or bad you look, you’re still receiving the amazing benefits of the yoga.

Stick it Out.

The best advice I ever received from a yoga instructor was to never leave your first class, no matter how bad you want to. Drop into child’s pose for the rest of the class if you have to, but don’t you dare try to walk out. Why you ask? Because you are facing a fear. You are teaching yourself not to give up when times get tough. If you leave your first class, you’ve already programmed in your brain it’s ok to leave every class, and you will. But if you face the fear and continue the class, you know you can do it and that you can handle it when you come back (because now you will!)


If all else fails, just enjoy it. Do what makes you happy. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, don’t worry you’re not doing it right, just enjoy it. This is your practice to dedicate to you and only you, and there are not many people who can do that. You’re already one step ahead of someone else, now spread your wings and fly!



Lovely Links: South Florida

Happy Friday!
Lovely Links is back & this week I’m catching you guys up on what’s going on in South Florida. Dig in & let me know your thoughts! title-2

Farmer’s Market Season: What’s Open in Broward & West Palm | Nicole Danna, Broward New Times

Where to Watch College Football in South Florida | Michaela Hood,

Palm Beach County Stops Using Red Light Cameras | Andy Reid, Sun-Sentinel

Will South Florida become the 51st state? | Adrienne Cutway, Orlando Sentinel


Did you find something interesting in the news that you think is worth sharing? Let me know in the comments below!

Skinny Snacks: Halloween Candy

Let’s talk Halloween.

More importantly Halloween candy. Because, really, what else is there to talk about on Halloween ;)



Like how I spent entirely too long in the candy aisle at Target, reading the nutrition facts of all my favorite candy. Yup, that’s right. I was determined to find halloween candy that won’t make you wake up with regret from the full binge you had the night before.

Have no fear…you can have your candy & eat it too! Below are some spooky skinny snacks that are 100 calories or less!

Smarties: 4 Rolls (100 calories)

Mini KitKat: 1 & 1/2 – 2 stick pack (95 calories)


Skittles: 1 fun size bag (61 calories)

Hersey Kisses: 4 (95 calories)

Starburst: 6 pieces (100 calories)



Control Your Life With Javita Coffee


Like most of us, I rely on a heavy amount of strong coffee to get me through my days. So when my hair stylist (remember her in this post) noticed I wasn’t my perky self, she knew I was lacking some major caffeine. (side note: she knew this because we also share the same love for coffee LOL).

This also happened to be the same week that I was preparing for my weekend in Tallahassee. I was explaining to Danielle how much I was dreading getting into a car for 7 hours and jumping right back into life as a “college kid” and per usual, Danielle had the answer: Javita Coffee.



I’m going to be completely honest when I tell you how skeptical I was about it… like okay cool Danielle, it’s coffee…I can go right to Starbucks for it, ya know? Yeah, no.

You see the amazing part of Javita coffee is exactly what that picture shows up there, it’s a weight loss coffee.

How you ask? Well, it’s the herbs they use! Each little packet is made with Yerba Mate (caffeine & antioxidants!!) & Garcinia Cambogia (appetite suppressant!!)  and they both help to aid in increasing energy and burning off those pesky pounds! Fun Fact: Yerba Mate taken regularly helps keep lactic acid from building up, which means less muscle soreness after working out!

Score. Score. Score.

The best part? It comes in instant form so all you have to do is add it to water and mix! Perfect for me because I prefer iced coffee over hot and now my morning hassle of making the perfect iced coffee is over!!!


Danielle saves the day again!

If you’re looking for some extra help to burn those stubborn pounds before the holidays, get your hands on these babies quick. To try it yourself, you can visit Danielle’s site here and she’ll be happy to answer any questions you have :)

Bottoms up!


5 Creatives You Need to Follow on Instagram

Instagram is one of my favorite places to go for inspiration. Among the millions of users, you’re bound to find something that sparks your interest and creativity. Below are 5 creative accounts I find myself going back to over and over again.


1. Oh Joy! Joy Cho is a serious designer and blogger babe. I stumbled upon her when I found her Oh Joy! line at Target over the summer. Come to find out, she’s also has designs in Nordstrom, too! Her colorful yet simple designs always make me smile.

2. Heart & Arrow Designs. You may know the Owner of this fabulous brand boutique from her blog, Whitney Blake is not only funny but she is damn good at her designs. Just recently her blog planner has been popping up all over my Insta feed, and I am not complaining!

3. Genevieve & Joy. Her bio says it all: lifestyle site helping you create your most beautiful life! Isn’t that what all bloggers are looking for?! Her posts always help me style my photos when I am in a rut.

4. Uncommon Goods. This account is a shop for well…uncommon goods. Every time I see their photos I am forced to think outside of the box and wonder “why didn’t I think of that?!”. They also have really cool Instagram challenges that you can participate in and win prizes!

5. Brit + Co. A former co-worker introduced me to this account when I was at a complete loss for inspiration. It is insane some of the crazy things they find around the internet as well as the off the wall DIY Projects they showcase.

Do you have any Instagram accounts you go to for inspiration? Tell me your secrets ;)

Until next time,


10 Signs You Grew Up In South Florida

I’m one of the rare people who just happened to be born & raised in South Florida. If you didn’t grow up in South Florida, you probably have no idea why that means anything. To be honest, I’m not even sure if I  know why it means anything, but I get the same crazy look every time I tell someone who wasn’t.

But if you’re one of the lucky one likes me, then you know that the person staring at you is probably thinking, “wow, you must really be an asshole” – a typical sign of a South Floridian.

And below are 10 more signs you grew up in South Florida…


1. You know what a “snowbird” is

2.Which only makes you cringe when you start to see these license plates


3. You don’t know people survive without Publix

4. You have or had Annual Passes to Disney, Universal, SeaWorld, etc.


5. You moved to the other side of the pier/beach/town to avoid seeing people you went to high school with

6. Jaxson’s


7. You’ve experienced the rise and fall of “Downtown” #RIPLivingRoom #RIPBrick

8. You actually HATE summer


9. Hurricane season really just means wishful thinking for no work or school #BringOnTheRain

10. You’ve seen this guy when driving on the turnpike


{picture sources: here | here | here | here}


Ittie Bitties | Emily Ahlbum

photo 1 Is it really ONLY Tuesday?!

I am seriously dragging this week and I have no time to slack off *crying emoji face*. Guess it’s just one of those weeks, ya know?

I spent the weekend in Tallahassee with Chris for the FSU/Wake Forest game. We got super lucky and scored some sky box tickets, which were freakin amazeballs. I think I can officially say he has finally turned me over to the dark side and I am now a FSU fan (my UM obsessed brothers have officially disowned me as well)


Here’s to wishing it was the weekend!

photo 3{ Delicious berries  }

photo 4{ Only thing getting me through this week – thanks, Danielle! }

photo 2

{ The BEST Lip Plumper ever!! }

How did you spend your weekend? Are you dragging this week too?

Lovely Links | Instagram Edition

Hello all!

For this week’s feature of Lovely Links, I have rounded together some of my favorite resources for Instagram, my current social media obsession.  Let me know what you think!instagram2

#1: The 15 Best Instagram Accounts to Follow if You’re Having a Bad Day | trotterpup & betches are my personal fav. Here’s another that didn’t make Style Caster’s list: fuckjerry

#2: 14 Tips to Master Instagram | This infographic is great for a insta newbie. Right to the point tips to get your Instagram out there!

#3: The 5 Golden Rules to Instagram Followers | Are you following the Golden Rules of Instagram?!Did you know the best days to post are Sunday and Monday? Well, now you do ;)

#4: 20 Instagram Apps to Enhance Your Photo’s & Videos | Social Media Examiner lays it out perfectly on the best apps to use to edit your pictures. I have 6 of them downloaded myself, and I use them often!

And if you’re in need of 5 more apps that will change your life, make sure to check out this post :)

What are you Instagram tips? Are we following each other? Follow me @emilyahlbum!