Confessions of a Social Media Specialist

Confessions of a Social Media Specialist.

See also: Stalker.


|| I secretly judge you on the number of your followers.

|| I know (and celebrate) every weird National holiday. Today is National Personal Chef Day, in case you didn’t know.

|| #TBT, #FF, #WCW, #MCM


|| Posting to the wrong account is a legitimate fear

|| Deciding which account to post to is a daily struggle


|| A full panic attack ensues when my battery gets under 20%

|| I also know exactly how much time I have to use my phone when it reaches 10%

|| I keep a charger at work, in the car, every room in the house and one in my purse for emergencies.

|| I will ask you to like or follow a page I manage.


|| I get paid to spend all day on Social Media

|| I use Google +

|| I get annoyed when people hashtag on Facebook

|| And I get really annoyed when you ask me what a hashtag is


|| I know what app and filter you use on your pictures

|| I know the best way to complain about bad customer service is through Twitter.

|| I’ve unfollowed you if you’ve sent me an automated DM

|| I take pride in my social media stalking abilities


|| I get all my news via Facebook or Twitter

|| Weddings are the last thing that come to mind when I hear ‘engagement’

|| I look forward to seeing my Insights & Analytics

|| Which in turn makes me give myself too much credit for a great postschmidt-celebrate

Just another day in the life…





Packing List for Summer Travels


Summer is in FULL swing and I am starting to get ready for my week long vacation to Martha’s Vinyard! I am so excited to go ‘home’, see all my family and just relaxxxxxx for a whole 7 days!

Because getting to the Vinyard is a trip in itself (I am flying into Boston, driving two hours to the Ferry, and then a 45 min Ferry ride to the Vinyard) and because we are staying a few nights in Boston, I have to be very smart about what I pack. Since I do not want to carry a million suitcases, I need to make sure I am only packing the essentials (orrrrrr, at least try)!

So, naturally, I created a Google Docs spreadsheet complete with 3 sections: Carry On, Toiletries, and Suitcase essentials.

You can download my Packing List here.

Are you traveling this summer? What are your packing tips & tricks?


Currently… | Summer Obsessions



CRUSHING | These fabulous RayBan Gradient Aviators! Perfect for summer!

READING | The One & Only by Emily Giffin. I started this book over Forth of July weekend after finishing The Glass Castle and I haven’t put it down since. The main character, Shea Rigsby, takes you on the winding road of following her heart to find her true passion. I am half way in and think its a great summer read!

DRINKING | Tazo Passion Tea. One of my newer obsessions. Passion fruit is know to help reduce anxiety and sleep problems, along with many other benefits. My favorite way to drink this is served over ice with a splash of lemonade! Skip the Starbucks line and make this at home to sip on next to the pool!

WATCHING | OITNB. I finally jumped on the bandwagon and I am glad I did! I even got Chris to watch it with me and now he’s hooked! In the midst of Season 2 and anticipating what will happen next! Everyone keeps telling me “Just wait, it gets better” …eek!

What are your current favorites? What books are on your summer read and have you started Orange Is The New Black?! Tell, tell, tell!



Say Hello to July & Goodbye to Stress!

Happy July!!

I cannot believe we are officially in the 2nd half of the year! CRAZY. What is even crazier is my schedule! Between work life, family life and social life, my calendar is filling up quickly! With everything going on, it is important to find a balance and know when to de-stress and regroup. Here are a few things I’ve learned to do when I can’t find the time for…well, anything!



  • EAT | Depending on the stress (or day), I either eat my emotions with everything in sight or I don’t eat at all. Neither of which will help you when you’re stressed. Make sure you find time to eat and make sure you enjoy what you are eating! Forcing kale down your throat when your stressed and only want pizza isn’t going to put you in a better mood, but do limit the junk!
  • DRINK WATER | I hate water. I know it and you know it (and if you don’t, you can read more about my hatred here).  But it is so important and it really does help you feel better. Keeping a cute tumbler on hand at all times helps me drink more, and a straw helps me drink it quick!
  • TURN OFF | Yup. Turn everything and everyone OFF, even if it is just for 5 minutes. I promise you will survive and so will everyone else. If shutting the world off gives you serious anxiety, remind yourself there was a time where no one had cell phones and computers and they ran companies just fine.
  • TAKE A DAY OFF | Don’t overwork yourself when you’re stressed to the point of burning out. That will cause a new load of problems and mistakes you do not want to deal with. Schedule a personal day and literally clear your schedule. It is YOUR day. I do this every so often to keep my sanity.

What do you do when you’re stressed out? Tell me, tell me, tell me!

Mood Board Monday: Fourth of July Edition!

Happy Monday!

I am pretty excited for this week! We got lucky this year with Fourth of July being on a Friday – Hellllloooooo, 4-day work week and 3 day weekend!

To get everyone in the spirit like me, I have put together a Mood Board for some festive Fourth of July inspiration! moodboard1

Every Monday I will be sharing a new board to start the week off right, so make sure you come back and see what’s going on!

What are your Fourth of July plans? What inspired you this holiday? Share with me in the comments below!

Have a great week!


5 iPhone Apps That Will Change Your Life

There is an app for just about anything these days, so much that there are even apps for apps! One can definitely get overwhelmed with all the fun things out there (hello, Candy Crush), so I have narrowed down a list of some of my favorite iPhone apps that will change your life.

48eafe7a3a4a5208f41e1d64db390d721. Evernote | When I first heard about this app I thought it was just another ‘Notes’ type of app, but I was wrong. So so wrong. This app may be the biggest life changer of all. Evernote remembers everything, so you don’t have to. It keeps all your to-do lists, pictures, favorite websites, emails, etc. in one place. Not only that, but it syncs with every other device you use on a daily basis!

2. VSCOCam | This is by far my favorite app to edit pictures I take on my iPhone. The filters are so different from any other app and it is so easy to use. You can also use it for inspiration by creating a feed of some of your favorite people!

3. iPassword | Are you one of those people who use a different password for every account and can never remember which goes where? Say hello to iPassword, your new BFF. Store all your passwords in ONE place for easy remembering! Bye-bye GoogleDocs

4. Mint | I love Mint so much, I even got my boyfriend hooked on it. Budgeting made easy! I can see my account balance for all my debit/credit cards, set budget goals, and monitor payment due dates all on this one app. Game. Changer.

5. Sleep Cycle | Track your sleep for free! This easy to use app not only tracks your sleep, but it helps you set alarms for the best time to wake up according to your cycle. Can’t sleep? They even have a music selection to help you get your zzz’s!

What are some of your must-have apps? I’d love to know!



Hey guys!

So if you don’t already know, I am totally obsessed with Instagram! SO obsessed that I wanted to share my current favs that I have been stalking lately! This weeks #INSTARATION picks were chosen based on the overall appearance of their IG’z.

I can’t even deal with how amazing they look!

PicMonkey Collage

 one | two | three | four

Are you on IG? If so, make sure you follow me (and these sweet peeps above)!

18 Reasons You Should Cheer For The Heat Over The Pacers

So posted an article, 18 Reasons You Should Cheer For The Pacers Over The Heat

Usually, Buzzfeed is my go-to for entertainment, but this time they got it ALL wrong. So just in case they convinced you to switch sides, let me remind of 18 Reasons You Should Cheer For The Heat Over The Pacers…(even though we only need 3)

1| Because of this…









2| This…


3| …and this


4| Because of Ray Allen making Lance Stephenson look like this…

lance-stephenson-flop (1)

5| Lebron James fantastic facial expressions…Lebron-Videobomb

6| Because Burnie IS in fact WAY cooler than Boomer.


7| Because Birdman Baby


8| Because of this…


9| Did I mention this? dce8f1620a69e9a1c79a5736417893f7

10| Because the Pacers didn’t do this

lebronkingjam11| Because Pacers fans look like this


12| And Heat fans look like this


13| Because the Heat dancers are hot


14| Because the Heat have 2.49M followers on Twitter (and there’s a good chance you’re one of them)



15| Because Pat Riley


16| And his decision to do this

photo (2)

17| Because the Heat are dedicated not only to their fans, but to their community


18| Because the Pacers haven’t won ONE championship.




#SorryNotSorry Buzzfeed & Pacer fans… you lose.






How to Get Ready for an Event in 60 Minutes or Less

Working in Public Relations and Event Planning, surprises happen [like all the effing time].

It’s the day of the event that you have been planning for months(aka your pride & joy and you’re gonna look damn good tonight)…you wake up with a full agenda of last minute errands, finalizing the guest list, hair and make up, set up the venue, etc…You look at the time and realize…”shit, I don’t have time to wash my hair”


If you’re reading this, there’s a damn good chance you’ve been through this. I know I have, too many times to count! Thankfully, because of this, I now consider myself a pro at having to get ready in 60 minutes or less [and it's usually less].

1| Shave – EVERY.DAY.! 

Yes, every day! Yeah, it sucks. I know. I hate that shit too. But let me tell you, you will thank yourself for doing it when you have NO time to shower before you throw your FABULOUS dress/skirt/shorts/romper on. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve smacked myself for not doing it the night before [after convincing myself "ill have time tomorrow"].

2| ALWAYS have a fresh mani/pedi.

Your hands [and feet in your cute new summer peep toes pumps] are almost always the first thing people see. Handshakes, exchanging business cards, holding a cute fruity drink, playing with your hair, you get the deal. If you aren’t able to get to the salon once a week, please please please make sure to keep your nails clean. If all else fails, at least your nails are cute.


3| Make dry shampoo your main b*tch 

Here you are, 60 minutes before the doors open with no time to wash your hair. You can already feel the grease forming from all the sweat of setting everything up. Gross. That’s why every girl needs to carry a mini dry shampoo with them. Spray it on your roots, massage it in, and BAM fresh hair that smells good too!

4| Emergency Kit

Ya know, just like your handy dandy make up bag that you keep on you for touch ups throughout the day. Make one filled with emergency necessities like: hair ties, bobby pin, travel size lotion, perfume sample, sock bun mold [or sock to make one], tweezers, false lashes, tissues [like these from #kleenexstyle] deodorant, and anything else you ‘can’t live without’.

5| Lipstick

Or gloss, whatever floats your boat. Keep one in your purse, car, pocket, anywhere. Make sure it’s a fun color so it stands out and takes away from any other…uhhh, imperfection. Because there is nothing worse than a plain lip [when you already feel so plain jane].


When all else fails, throw on another coat of mascara, put your hair to one side[it works - my boss & I both SWEAR by this trick], and work with whatever you got. Confidence is KEY.

What are your go-to tips and tricks when getting ready for an event? Tell me your secrets in the comments below!


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